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College of 
Liberal Arts 

"College is the beginning of a journey, one 

of self exploration. We find ourselves as 

young adults and attempt to mold into 

future professionals. We are enriched both 

academically and socially, setting into 

motion what we will ultimately become -- 

productive individuals who will all make a 

contribution to better the world we live in. " 

- S. Greenberg, MCLA Student 


375 Church Si reel 

North Adams, MA 01247 

volume 4 

Below: Meg Rogers 

and Jackie Bailot at a 

semiformal event. 

Below: Andrew Burke gets very excited for 

Below: Mux Callahan. Teddy Bourgeios. and Max Drawer! 
are amped lor the Sam Gome/ Raee 

Above: Leading a full life can be | 
rewarding, but there are times w 
students like Jama] Ahamad. 
Theresa Radley. Jameek Clovie 
need a rest. 

At left: Students make lun out of 
packing bubbles during the first leu 
days of the first semester. 

Below: Helping Hands Gina Puc 
and Rob Flood take a moment from 
helping first \ear students on move 
in day to smile w ith Nettie Joy. 

Above: Rachel and Tabatha strike .1 
pose while on down time from a 
film production. 

Left: Kevin DeSantis, and Gab) 
Rivera show big smiles on a trip to 
Walmart with the shuttle 

Above: Heather Ham-. 
enjoj s a peaceful moment 
drinking hot chocolate. 

\bo\e: These freshmen 
show then class pride at the 
Second Annual Midnight 

•ovo: Maureen Cherry and Michelle Hansen prepare in he ted h\ then peers in a luisi 
Biding exercise during Resident Advisoi training last fall. 

Below: Emma Stephans and Christophe 

Kennedy help time the incoming runners at th 

Annual Sam Gome/ Raee 

Above: As always seniors 

Alyssa Furlano and Pam 

Klotz particpated in Dance 

Company's fall 


Above: Christina Landeta 

and Brandon Pender, 

co- presidents of MCSS. 

enjoy themselves at the 

Winter Ball held in Januarv. 

m ' "" "1 

m. Y^ 


^^^^K^^^^^L x 

wf "*" ^8^H 


Jm" 1 

jj^cj ^, ^bI 1 

Left: Doran Hamm suits up for the 

Above: Seniors Teddy Bourgeio 


annual Sam Gome/ Race last 

Carissa Everett, and Matt Dunr 


seen here at a past NAG 



Left: Strutting (heir stuff, Matthew 
Tihbs and Henri Shrader gel ready 
to go to the leadership banquet. 

Below: Ladies Night! Sarah 
Russell. Kyrra Tandy and Monica 
Henry take a picture to remember 
the night. 

Above: Christine Bama. Taylor 
Kenyon. and Katelin Lorenz get 
reads tor the Soeeer Formal. 

\bo\e: )<nt'\e got a friend 
in me" Carl Tiernan. 
Monica Henr\ and Dan 
DuBois sit and enjoy being 
with friends. 

Above: Who said move in 

day was eas\ '.' Dana 
(iaghardi and Mark 
Richards lake a breath 
belore helping more 
students move in. 

...traditions started here 

I)vc: Students can be seen enjoying delectable waffles Waffle Wednesday was started by 
aim Ben Lamb m 2()()(>. A i fust u began as nisi food im liis housemates, then the 
inomenon urcw io become one ol this campus' very large traditions. Waffle Wednesday 
lame a RPS program, and il also helped aid v ictims ol Hun k ane Katrina. lis next step is to 
iurncd ovci to a worth) apprentice. 

Uwve: I he Waffle 
Wednesday creatoi himself, 
Ben 1 amb shares his 
delicious waffle secrets with 

Jen Rosen 

"People rarely succeed 

unless they have fun in 

what they are doing. " 

■Dale Carnegie 

Let the good times roll ! 

"No man is a failure 
who is enjoying life. " 

-William Feathei 

.^i^B i^^^^^^^^^^r^ 

h V t ! 

L *^1 

^k ^v^V^mH 

P^3 L^J 

k jSB 



Natty Hussey 


Tabatha Beshears 

"Hoosac, because I 

lived there for three 


Scott Balise 

"Karate-chopping the 
gingerbread house." 

Max Sharkey 

"The all-night Journey- 
dance parties and 

Carissa Everett 

"Late nights, pulling 

pranks, water balloon 

fights in the fire lane, 

and many crazy 


What's your favorite MCLA memory? 



Strike a pose 

Jelow: Alexandra 
Voolner goes all 
tut for Halloween- 
vhat a lifesaver! 

Lbove: Chris 
lailman is no 
hieken when it 
omes to wearing 
mny hats. 

Left: Katie Daniels 
and Staei Clark sa\ 
cheese for the 


Left: Jen Thomas and 
Mary Domenichelli 
dress up for Winter 

Left: Matt Dunne 
and Andy Gould 
feel the spirit of 
Halloween and have 

a how lin' time. 

Barna. Christine 

Beauchemin, Chris 

Beck. Ronald 

Beshears, Tabatha 

Bigelow, Andrew 

Broil. Audrey 

Bushee. Michelle 

Callahan. Erin 

Carvalho. Melanie 

Cronin. Joseph 

Daniels. Katie 

Davis. Nichole 

Dunne. Matthew 

Everett. Carissa 

Ewick. Ashlev 

Farrington, James 

Flint. Sarah 

Flocco. Lauren 

Goulet. Andy 

Green, Ashley 

Gunn, Cheryl 

Harmon. Michael 

Harris. Heather 

Herrman. Evan 

Hess. Nicholas 

Class of 2007 




Below: Cheerleaders Robin Veilleux, 
Brianne Saleme and Amy Moulton 
recruil members for the squad. 











Left: Kara Pern and Tabatha 
BeShears help ai Midnight 

Hussey, Nathaniel 
tmperato, kathr\n 

karle. l)a\id 
Khandia. A mar 
Klejna. Louise 

KliH.ko. Julia 
Klol/. Pun 

LaFrance, Sarah 
Lamb, Benjamin 
Leonesio, rrista 

l i.u in. \niK- Marie 
Lew iv. Kristen 
I imberger, Christian 
Lorenz, Katelin 
Lyons, Ke\ m 

Class of 2007 


Manna. Jess 

Manns. Andrew 

Marino. Amanda 

MeCabe, Nell 

McGrath, Jon 

McKeever. Andrew 

Missel, Amanda 

Morris. Kathleen 

Payne. Patrice 

Pender. Brandon 

Peterson. Andrew 

Pierce. Chenoa 

Porter. Tim 

Powers-Smith. Connor 

Preman. Zachary 

Provencher, Andrew 

Puc, Stephanie 

Radley. Theresa 

Reed. Desmond 

Robale. Cheryl 

Romig. Stephanie 

Rosen. Jennifer 

Russell. Sarah 

Saleme. Brianne 

Sanderson. Mallory 

Class of 2007 



Saunders. Jamie 
Sheehan. Melinda 
Sigler. Emil\ 
Siherman. Alan 
Skiff, Michelle 

Slosek. Michael 
Sokol. Jessica 
Sumner. Lace) 
Tand\ . K) rra 
Tessier. Gregon. 

Thomas. Jennifer 
Thompson. Lindsaj 
Tiernan. Carl 
1 ivka. Joshua 
Vohs, Jennifer 

Wedge, Kohen 
\\ halen. Chris 
Woolnei. Alexandra 

Mason, Deiidre 
McClain. Megan 

Thayer, Erin 

Class of 2007 

i i 


Below: Evan Herrmann. Nathanie 

Hussey, and Teddy Bourgeois point 

out the tacts. 

Right: Christine Barna and 

Kristen Lewis have fun 

dressing up '80s style. 

Far Right: Theresa Radley gets 
ready for the Winter Formal. 


Far Left: Michelle Bushee 
and Maxwell Sharke\ li\e 
it up at a college event. 

Left: Melanie Carvahlo 
and Jennifer Rosen 
show off their great 
smiles as usual. 

Far Left: Justin Giuliani 
poses for a picture 
outside of Bow man Hall. 

Left: Monica Henry, Jen 
Thomas. Jess Manna. 
Audrey Broil, and Sarah 
Russell all dressed up and 
read) to go out. 

Far Left: Sarah Davitt- 

Sweenes and Katie 
Imperato out on the 

Left: Emil) Sigler poses 
b\ the tree lor hei 1' \ 


MCLA 2007 

Best of Luck 

"The future belongs to 
those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams. " 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 


lass of 2007 

MCLA 2007 

"Wherever you go, 

%o with all your heart. " 



Above: Residence Directors. Megan, Lyndsev. and Eric pose for 
a picture al and info (able during January Orientation 

Bob Bence 

Ann Billet/ 

Sue Birns 

Peggy Brooks 

Sherry Burdick 

Bob Buckley 

Diane Collins 

Thomas Cook 

Charlotte Degen Gerry Desmarais 

Eric Dusseault 

Joseph Ebiware Susan Edgerton 

Wesley Flinn 

Erica Forrest 

Mike Ganger 


Rivka Glaser 

Rita Janeczek 

Amalio Jusino 

Ben Kahn 

John Meehan 

Jocelvn Merrick 

Andrew Mitchell Bill Montgomery 


Spencer Moser 

Scott Nichols 

Paul Nnodim 

Celia Norm 

MCLA Faculty/Staff 

Dear Members of the Class of 2(K)7: 

I congratulate you on sour graduation Irom 
Massachusetts College ol Liberal Arts, and 
oiler sou best wishes in all your future 
endeavors. Laming a baccalaureate or 
master s degree is a significant 
accomplishment, of which sou should be 
proud Your MCLA degree will prove 
valuable, as you pursue careers or continue 
sour education in graduate degree programs 
It is m\ hope that sou will fond!) remember 
your time here al MCLA As you have 
worked hard to complete sour studies, sou 
base developed relationships with members 
of the faculty, staff, and sour fellow 
classmates. Mans of these bonds will 
continue past graduation and serve sou ssell 
both personalis and professionally, 
Please keep us informed ol sour actis ities 
and accomplishments, as I know there will 
be mans As alumni, sou ss ill be our best 
examples ol success .md will serve ,h 
important role models toi future students 
\1( 1 A is .1 belter institution because ol each 
and esers one ol sou' I wish sou ever) 
success and look forward to calling sou 
fellow alumni Please sias in touch, and sisit 
us often. 


Mars K.Grant, Ph D 

Pre si den I 

I heresa O'Bryant 

Juds O/olms 

Kichaid I'ollnei 

\iinie Kus, 

I i.iss n S,. hrade 

Stan Spit 

.-us Sinosks 

I. lines Slakenus 

t hi is I homas 

Ms les W liiliiis 

I .III \ lll.llHIl S.l 


MCLA 2007 

Clubs & 

"A discovery is said to be an accident 
meeting a prepared mind. " 

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 



Keeping Busy 

The best part about being involved is meeting and working 
with some amazing people. It was very easy to get 
involved. I love every minute of running from event to 
event and planning each activity because seeing so many 
happy faces after the event makes all the dedication and 
hard work worth it. 
- Theresa Radley '07 


Student Government Association 

Above: President Krista Roche and Executive Vice President Michelle 
Hansen of the Student Government Association make sure everything is 
ready and in order for the annual Sam Gomez Race. 

Above: Sectratary James Sheriden, President Krista Roche and 
Senate Chair Max Drawert pose for the camera at Midnight 


Concerts, comedians, bands, free stuff, trips... What more can you ask for? 

kbove: SA< ' President Ben I amb and Ins parents al I amil) \\ eekend 

\Ih.m-: Vdam Burdk i- N» .1 M Karl 

Catic Lachapelle Caitlin McCorran rhcrrsa Kad Bastille ai 

ihe Build v Bcai program 


Patrice Payne as Tituba in the MCLA 
FPA Production "The Crucible." 

Below: Sarah McNamarah and Fred 

Karl show off the clothes for SAC's 

Build-A-Bear event. 


1. Get out of your room 

Ways to get 

involved on 


2. Go with a friend 

3. Do what you like 

4. Try something new 

5. Read weekly publications 


Clubs & 


(Jessica Donegal! and Gabby Rivera at the Ice Cream Social representing PILLARS) 

Biology and Environmental Club 

Asian Club 


The Beacon 

Yorick- 12th Night Cast 

National Broadcasting Society 


Right: B-GLAD 

Ad\ ^or Alan Murrill. and 
members Kim Young and Sarah 
Will sit patieniK waiting u> tell 
students about B-GLAD. 


1. Meet new people 

2. GaiD leadership skills 

3. Make a difference 

4. Have a sn\ on campus 

5. Get free items 


Reasons to 
*jet ivolved 

Greek Life 

It's the friendships that become family. 

Right: Inter 
Greek Council 


Pi Upsilon 

Far Right: 

Pi Upsilon 


Above: Beta Lambda Delta 
Right: Sigma Gamma Phi 


Residence Life 

My home is not a place, it is people. 
Lois McMaster Bujold 

The good things 
about being a RA. 

'It's a reawardinj; experience- not 
>nly do I help others grow, hut I also 
^ain an experience of a lifetime." 
Michelle Hansen, Junior, Second 
*ear Resident Advisor. 

Club Life 

Clubs recruiting at the Annual Student Activities Fair and President's Ice Cream Social. 

Multicultural Student Society 

Photography Club 


Ss# 3 § 

I M L ^ 


African American 
Studies Club 

Anime Club 

Ski Club 


Students Taking Abusive Risk Seriosulsy 

& ~%" • 

i — i i 

Bowling Club 

Boxing Club 

WJJW- MCLA's Radio Station 


Center for Service and 

Getting involved and doing community service only 

gets better. 

/>ove: About 25 students experienced wh;ii life is lor those who spend their 
I'hts sleeping on the street at the Annual Night Without a Home event 

Above: Kevin I'mk and Michelle Hansen participate in 
Jain the Van. 

"The LEAD Acadmey is not just a program. It is a life experience that I will never 
'orget and I am grateful I was able to do it. " 

3abriela Rivera, 2005 Lead Student Particpant, 2006 LEAD Student Assistant 

Orientation Leaders 

The Adventure begins 

Above: Theresa Radley. Victor Joyner. Henry Schrader. 
Amy Blackburn. Gabby Rivera, Dory Hamm and Ryan 
Scutt learning to work as a team and gain trust in each 
other before Orientation begins. 

Above: Gabby Rivera and Ryan Scutt both blindfolded and led by 
Theresa Radlev throueh the obstacle course. 

Now that the training is over - Let the fun begin! 



Peer Advisors 

Students Working to Assist Transitions 

2006-2007 Peer Advisors 

move: All dressed up for Concocation, the Pea Advion 
Kited ;is theii advisees follow the Ml I A traditions "l walking 
uough the gates. 

tbove: \i Karaoke the Peei Vdviors showed "it theii singing 
i. ili-iii. letting theii advisees know they can l can on me and thai 

'we Bit I.IIIIlK 


MCLA Athletics 

"There are only two options regarding 

commitment. You're either IN or you're OUT. 

There is no such thing as life in-between." 

-Pat Riley 


I he principle is competing 
against yourself. It's about sell 
improvement, .thorn being bettei 
than you were the da) before 

Steve Younc 




Women's Soccer: 

Kristean Kissel. Danielle 

Weber. Christine Bama, 

Katelin Lorenz, Samantha 

Morrissey, Christina Murray. 

Karri Schongar, Taylor 

Kcnyon. Gaby Fernandez, 

Erin Bourque, Rachel 

Desautels, Jade Priekelt. Jen 

Raftery, Kalie Buckler. 

Harmony McGorman. Laura 

Mantilla, CeCe Von 

Tiesenhausen-Hush, Meghan 

Coakley. Sara Miller, Lisa 

Merrill, Kristin Domnisch, 

Ashley Collins 

Head Coach: Deb Raber. 

Assistant Coach: Holly 


Men's Soccer: 

Bob Tator. Raul Escobar. 

John McCarthy. David 

Ewell, David Corral. Tom 

Murphy. Joe Deady. Joe 

Irwin. Gianfranco Bravo. 

Edwin Escobar. Andrew 

Labbe, Brian Szabo, Camilo 

Bermudez. Joehan Forero. 

Joao DePina. Jason 

Mlodzianowski. Chris 

Whalen, Kevin Duquette. 

Justin Hagedorn. Zach 

Natale. Bryan Char 

Head Coach: Ron 

Shewcraft, Assistant Coach: 

Adam Hildabrand 








Mtn's Basketball: 
Dave Bisesi, Me* Lopes, 
Bonus Cuprill, Jik.' 
Paoletti, Rus-- Beauchamp, 
Mike Perreault, Hear) 
Schrader, Chris \ oght, 
Adam Gamer, Diante 
I His. Jared Martin, Mike 
Callahan, Brandon 
Pender, k.ul Suns. Patrick 
Ryan, Jon Gattuso 
Head Coat li De\ in 
( iotham, Vssistanl Coach 
Charles Jefferson 

w omen's Basketball: 
I tanielle w ebei less 
Jurkowski, \li 
Leveille, Danielle 
I ., i Kristean Kissel, 
lade Pricken, 
Meredith Sullivan 
l .i\ loi Kenyon, 
K i I e« is, I v.inii.i 
I rumble, I aim 
Head( oach Holl) 
McGovem tstistani 
Couch Dave kuhuki 







Tennis & Volleyball 

Women's Tennis: Head Coach Annie Ruvolo, Assistant Coach 
Abe Sanchez, Kristen Banks. Katie Bodner. Rachel Wakefield. 
Jennifer Paskowski. Noarah Mair. Gabriela Rivera. Anibelka 
Reyes. Caitlyn Robert. Kelly Flanagan. Jihan Leonard. 

Women's Volleyball: Kelsey Hatcher. Jakia Hall. Marta Brown. 
Amey Blackburn, Ryan Kelly, Katie LaSusa, Catie Lachapelle. 
Dianna Blanchard, Carolyn Golden, Wendy McLatchy 
Head Coach: Amanda Beckwith 

X-Country & Men's Golf 

Cross Conntrj : 

Mens Golf: 

Ed Bourgeois 

Tim British 

Nick Curelop 

Edward Cano 

William Fatherly 

Joseph Cronin 

E\an Herrmann 

Matthew Douglas 

Nathaniel Husse\ 

Andrew Guntlow 

Da\id Lecuyer 

Tim Porter 

Kcll\ Lindberg 

Brandon Sullivan 

Patrick Moran 

Simon Zela/o 

Justin Vanderpoole 

Chris Polidoro 

Cariana Benite/ 

Coach: Da\id Bond 

Lillian Byers 

Jennifer Quintero 

Sarah Robischon 

Marcel la Sauders 

Benjamin Warren 

MCLA Life... 


Great times. Fond Memories. 


The Future Awaits... 


"The best thing about the future is that it 

comes one day at a time. " 
- Abraham Lincoln